winter, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

went to home to vermont for thanksgiving. saw the first snow this season. beautiful. everything quiet, cold, and still. literally... frozen.

something in my blood makes me nostalgic for the first signs of winter and snowy hillsides where epic battles like this one take place.


threes a crowd

threes a crowd, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.
just a fisherman and a couple of his lady friends.

try not to burn your eyes on those eye searing colors.

black white

black white, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

some black and white brush weirdness! always loved hand written text. and little squiggly lines. this page of drawings has both!


MEAT., originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

look at those meat eaters!

i promised i was back from the dead. so, expect to see a LOT more drawing from me on this here internets in the near future. tell your friends!


burger time!

burger time!, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.
ok! first. i know i've been gone too long. sorry bout that. i've got lots of lame excuses but whatever!

its hot outside and that makes me think of sweaty fat dudes chasin' down bacon double cheeseburgers.



woke up this morning, and geuss what? i'm on the MEATHAUS blog today! jiggity jig! what an honor. thanks a million fellas.


video games are rad!

video games are rad!, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

happy new year. 2009 was kind of a wash, so lets hope 2010 is a whole lot better and more productive. new years resolution.... more blog posts!