Willing to negotiate if you want color/more characters/a background but it will be more $$. Only Taking 20 for now!
email me at:


Dr. Sketchy's 3.11

Sarah and I went to Dr. Sketchy's @ Great Scott in Allston this month for the first time in a few months. Usually I would feel kind of rusty in a situation like this, but this month's model (the lovely Ludella Hahn) was a real treat to draw.
She had great classic "cheeky" pin-up costumes and poses.

... A real human being....

Drive, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

I made some fanart for the movie DRIVE.

If you haven't seen it yet, do that asap. Its got great music and is steeped in 80's nostalgia and muscle car / anti-hero films.


Hi Everyone... So it's been a really long time since I've posted here. Sorry about that... I'm not abandoning this blog (really I'm not) but for now, follow me on TUMBLR for new work from me and other things I think you should see:


Thanks for looking!



Sarah's Tattoo

Sarah's Tattoo, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.
Sarah went and got a new tattoo, and i used the opportunity as an excuse to do some drawing!

This was really fun, and interesting to watch. I asked if i could take pictures, but the more i thought about it, the more getting out my sketchbook seemed like the most logical thing to do.

She had a chair (not just any chair, but the little black wooden chair that she sits in to draw) put on her arm. pretty cool.

This is Cathy @ Regeneration Tattoo in Allston working her magic.


Can you "Dig" it?

So, this last week (Feb 16th - 23rd) one of my images was featured on the cover of Boston's "Weekly Dig" newspaper!

I am so excited to have this happen! "The Dig" as we Bostonians warmly refer to it, is Boston's best alternative weekly paper. They always tell it like it is. Funny too.

I've seen lots of friends and other great artists get covers so its a real honor to be included amongst their ranks.

The cover coincided with the opening of an art show I'm participating in as a member of Rifrakt at Diesel Cafe in Somerville. Art plus excellent coffee, in a truly eclectic atmosphere?! What could be better?

Tons of friends and fans came out to support us and say that they had seen my image on the Dig, and I sold a couple pieces from the show already!

I just want to thank everyone who came out, and everyone who picked up the Dig last week. If you are in the Boston area, check out the work at Diesel Cafe (there's work up from 10 excellent artists, including myself and the always amazing Sarah Gay!)

The show is up through mid-March!


Juicy @ Dr Sketchy's 2

Juicy @ Dr Sketchy's 2, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

Another from today's Dr. Sketchy's session. 20 minute pose. She was really fun to draw.

Juicy @ Dr Sketchy's 1

Juicy @ Dr Sketchy's 1, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

a drawing of the cute & fun "Juicy" from today's session of Dr. Sketchy's Figure Drawing, Boston. I think she is supposed to be an "Eski-Ho" or something. She's ice fishing.


tough guy

tough guy, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

dunno what this is about.

feeling pretty beat up but there's always someone worse off. winning the fight is important. even if it's not by much.

more of da champ!

2011.1, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

more of my 'ol timey, peanut eatin', old fashioned swillin', fist swingin boxer fella. he's da champ, and he can show you why.

crazy 4 u

crazy 4 u, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

anybody out there like Best Coast? I do. We went to go see 'em. It was great.

All their songs are silly and melodramatic, but the sentiment is real. I think. Anyway their lead singer is a real babe. And they like cats.

a couple ladies.

ladiez, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

a bather. (my take on a classic subject)

and a lady who is wandering around a dark swamp at night. she should know better than that! (this was drawn around halloween. babes and lurking monsters. never gets old.


sadbeards, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

most of these guys are smiling, but really, they are sad inside. the have grown out their sadbeads. like McCartney in 'let it be'

oh, and i drew Bilbo after re-reading The Hobbit.


groooss, originally uploaded by thumbsoneill.

fourth of july makes me think of melting ice cream.

maybe you've seen this by now, maybe you haven't.

i updated my website recently where you can see a bunch of new stuff, but i'm gonna post em here too.